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 Player/Character Directory, Who plays whom
 Posted: Jan 26 2012, 05:39 PM


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Active Players and Their Characters

* Admin account
Character Name Deceased character

This list is updated and maintained by staff members to show players and characters who are currently active and available for thread and plot fun. If you happen to notice an error or something missing, post a reply to this thread-- and thanks in advance for the help!

Dun *
skype: dundunlovexx
Azalea Lock
Faina Song
Hannah Archer
Marcus Caine *
Miriam Rhodes
Olivia "Liv" Masters
Ryan Archer
Tallulah Tyler
Victor Cage

Krys *
Helen Moreau
Katja Williams
Katy Peppard
Maverick McCormick
Terra Byrd

aim: ambassadorcal
Agatha Shaw
Daniel Gaines
Nancy Lawson
Joanna Cal
Leena Archer
Lionel Pusser
Meredith Russo
Nevada Reed
Rebecca Stanwood
Royce Donovan

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