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 Adoptable Characters and Ideas, Wanted characters and ideas for you!
Marcus Caine
 Posted: Jan 26 2012, 05:04 PM



Posts: 199

Played by: Dun

Adoptable Characters
Want to add a character? Reply here w/ Form

The information found here pertains to characters which have been partly pre-made by players as NPCs and/or fillers for existing character backgrounds, families, plots etc. Any existing member may contribute to this list, and anyone may pick up a character from this list. It's recommended that you try out a completely original character before picking up one of these, but that isn't mandatory.

Note: You should try to get in contact with the original creator of the character you're interested in prior to completing your application. That player will have to approve your interpretation of the character before you can begin playing that character (unless otherwise stated).

Note #2: Adoptable characters do not have mandatory play-bys attached to them. They may have PB suggestions, but none are mandatory. Any important physical traits should be noted in the character's summary.

How reservations work: You do not have to make a reservation here. You have 1 week after you register an account with an adoptable character's name to post a complete application for that character. If a complete application has not been posted within that week, the account will be deleted to make room for other interested players (if the character's full name is specified in this list). If you need an extension for some reason, please PM or otherwise contact an admin ASAP.

Activity and re-adoption: Requesting players and players adopting their requested characters are responsible for discussing expectations and plot needs with each other. You will be expected to communicate your needs and expectations. If you, as a requester, have issues with the inactivity of a player who has adopted a character you submitted to the adoptables listing, you are expected to communicate this to that player. If you are unable to resolve an issue and would like to put a character back up for adoption, please contact an admin.

____ ________
Associated Characters: Maverick McCormick, Terra Byrd
Tilda Swinton
Age: 40s-50s
Occupation: Businesswoman/Criminal Entrepreneur
Suggested PB: Tilda Swinton

Ruthless, wealthy, and as clever as they come. Maverick McCormick has worked for her in the past. Currently has a bounty out on the Byrd twins which is tantalizingly large for the presentation of them together and alive. Has several Alliance operatives in her pocket and is very interested to see how things on Initium could turn a profit for her.

Please contact Krys if you have questions.
Associated Characters: Terra Byrd, Finn Byrd
Michael Fassbender
Age: 30s-40s
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Suggested PB: Michael Fassbender

He gets the job done. Always. If a bounty is accepted, he’s always managed to bring the person in, just not always alive. Still, the results are the same. The payoff is all that varies. Is currently headed to Initium on a rumor that one or both of the Byrd twins might be operating there. (Could also be a woman. Zoe Saldana, anyone?)

Please contact Krys if you have questions.
Associated Characters: Terra Byrd (twin)
Initium or Exodus Colonist
Rodrigo Santoro
Age: 29
Occupation: Smuggler/Mercenary/Thief
Suggested PB: Rodrigo Santoro, James Franco, Jared Leto

Terra and Finn's parents were smugglers and the two were raised on the ship their parents worked on until a crash killed their parents and most of the crew. After that the twins started up on their own with a close friend, Kavik. Got a pretty good reputation for themselves until a year and a half ago when a job went very badly and the whole crew had to scatter. She hasn't heard from him since.

Please contact Krys if you have questions.
JENNY ________
Associated Characters: Helen Moreau
Exodus Passenger
Bonnie Wright
Age: 20s
Occupation: Secretary
Suggested PB: Bonnie Wright

Originally a receptionist at the ARF on Initium, she followed Helen Moreau to the Exodus after being offered the job as her personal assistant. She’s a sharp young woman and is already developing a reputation for herself as someone who knows how to get things done while avoiding the spotlight.

Please contact Krys if you have questions.
Associated Characters: Terra Byrd
Taye Diggs
Age: 42
Occupation: Mercenary, Mechanic
Possible PB: Taye Diggs

The other surviving member of the Byrd’s original crew. Like Terra and Finn he split after their last job blew up in their faces. He’s been lying low somewhere waiting for contact from the Byrds to get things going again. What he’s been doing and where he’s been in the last two years is completely up to you!

Please contact Krys if you have questions.
Associated Characters: Faina Song
Fringer or Exodus Passenger
Daniel Henney
Age: Late 20s-30s
Occupation: Police Officer (Initium) or Security Crewman (Exodus)
Possible PB: Daniel Henney

This cop was an Alliance fighter pilot before a mission-gone-wrong made him realize he needed to get out of the military. He has no interest in going back to the Allies' military force, but he may have an interest in some revenge. The Allies believe he's dead, and so does his younger sister, Faina, who's currently serving the Alliance Army on Initium with increasing suspicions about her brother's supposed death.

Please contact Dun if you have questions.
NADIR __________
Associated Characters: Hannah Archer, Leena Archer, Michael Archer, Ryan Archer, etc.
Age: Mid 20s
Occupation: N/A
Possible PB: Asif Azim

Friend of the Archer family >> A tall, lean-muscled man with a scar cutting diagonally across the center of his face. He has a ruggedness that suggests he's near his thirties, if not well into them, but he's still a rather young man-- about Ryan's age. Of course, he doesn't actually know how old he is, so he can't enlighten anyone on the subject. He can't remember much before he was adopted on Jackson after being picked up on Shaa . . . supposedly. He has been known to butt heads with Hannah Archer a bit, thanks to his strong opinions and sense of morality, which seem to clash with hers.

Please contact Dun if you have questions.
Associated Characters: N/A
Exodus Passenger
Sean Gunn
Age: 35
Occupation: Scientist
Possible PB: Sean Gunn

While a brilliant scientist, he is a fairly blunt, hence a bit odious, man. He doesn't have the best social skills, which becomes apparent when he is not communicating with fellow scientists. He obsesses over organization, displaying symptoms of OCD. He is somewhat mysophobic, and likes to remind you of how filthy things really are and how easy it is to contract a disease that will end up killing you. Often he is unintentionally comical in a way, though many are likely to consider him an annoyance. He was born and raised on Una, but wound up on Fringe planets, pursuing scientific goals. He has no objections towards Alliance or Fringe, but loves to talk about the variety of ways both sides fail at scientific efforts in his "humble" opinion. He has made a hobby out of conspiracy theories that feed his need to find connections between things.

Please contact Remy if you have questions.
Associated Characters: Katy Peppard
Shannyn Sossamon
Age: 30s
Occupation: Veterinarian
Possible PB: Shannyn Sossamon

Studied to be a zoologist in school, but joined the Exodus crew with her younger sister (Katy Peppard). She helps look after the animals brought along on the Exodus to help found a proper colony in this new system.

Please contact Krys if you have questions.
_________ TAYLOR
Associated Characters: Miriam Rhodes, Olivia Masters
Age: Mid 20s
Occupation: Doctor
Possible PB: N/A

Dr. Taylor is a young Fringe doctor, newly qualified for the job he has been given aboard the Exodus. He's passionate about his work and determined to perform to the best of his ability, and he has a hint of ambition and pride to him beyond what may be considered normal. His personal ethics don't always line up with the rules, and he isn't always willing to ignore what seems right in order to stay within the boundaries set for him as a professional. He's aware of Miriam Rhodes' ailment, which is typically kept a secret, and he has been partly responsible for the treatment of Dr. Olivia Masters, following the discovery of her drug addiction. He made an appearance in this thread.

Please contact Dun if you have questions.
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[b]Image link:[/b] 200x300, If any
[b]Your main account link:[/b] The account you use most-- for PMs, though you're welcome to specify other contact info.
[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Requested by:[/b] Your name
[b]Possible PB:[/b] Optional
[b]Faction/Group:[/b] Initium Colonist, Exodus Colonist, Alliance
[b]Occupation:[/b] If it's necessary to specify
Marcus Caine
 Posted: Jan 26 2012, 05:04 PM



Posts: 199

Played by: Dun

Character Ideas

This list has been put together to help new players that might not know what types of characters could easily be integrated into the game and its plot hot-spots. It's also here to help current players that might want a new character but aren't sure what to do. You're welcome to use this for inspiration or take a character concept right off this list to make a proper character out of it.

The concepts are vague to ensure that they can appeal to just about anyone. If you don't like the gender attached, change it. If you don't like the age, change it. You don't need to claim anything or make a reservation (though you can have an idea marked as reserved while you work on using it, if you'd like). Absolutely everything here is a suggestion that you can disregard or alter without permission. As ideas are used up, they'll be removed from the list.

If you have questions about how one of these concepts might work in the game, feel free to post in Questions and Suggestions for player and/or admin feedback!

The Adopted One

Age 20s | Sex M or F |Possible PB None

Faction Initium Colonist
Occupation N/A
Summary After having ended up stuck on Initium without parents, this person went through the process of being placed with a family through Initium's unorganized adoption methods. This has shaped his/her opinions on Initium's government for better or worse.
Good For Contributing to changes in life on Initium that could have a significant impact on the course of the game.

The Clancy's Prostitute

Age Mid 20s-30s | Sex F | Possible PB Fernanda Romero

Faction Initium Colonist
Occupation Bartender/Server at Clancy's
Summary There are a few questionable girls that hang around Clancy's, but this one is known for being one of the trashier ones. She doesn't get paid directly for her 'services', but she has been known to run off with friends of the Archers that might need a pick-me-up after a hard day. It's possible that she's misunderstood.
Good For Interacting with characters with strong opinions on sexuality/relationships and contributing to Clancy's/Archer-related plots.

The Conflicted Scientist

Age 40s+ | Sex M or F | Possible PB N/A

Faction Initium Colonist
Occupation ARF Scientist
Summary This scientist is one of the ARF workers that went underground when the Alliance troops came back to Initium. He/she loves their work and is absolutely dedicated to it. However, he has always wanted to follow the rules, and with the troops back in the colony, he is greatly conflicted. Should he do what it takes for science or be the law-abiding citizen?

The Conspiracy Theorist

Age 20s+ | Sex M | Possible PB Jesse Williams

Faction Ex-Ally Initium Colonist
Occupation N/A
Summary Convinced that the Fringers are up to something, this former military member (previously stationed in the ARF) is looking for any clue he can find that might indicate exactly what's going on behind closed doors. Few take his theories on the recent happenings seriously. The failure for the Allies to pay attention to him and go along with his theories while they were stationed on Initium led to his leaving the military.
Good For Contributing to plots related to Fringe vs. Alliance ideals and lingering tension due to Alliance occupation.

The Loveable Researcher

Age 25+ | Sex M | Possible PB Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Faction Initium Colonist
Occupation ARF Scientist
Summary This scientist does research with the ARF, and is the one connected to the waitress from Joe’s. He used to get take-out from Joe’s because of the cute, sweet waitress the delivered his lunch to him. Sometimes, she brings supplies to him and the others underground, but he’s greatly worried about her safety.

The Politician

Age 25+ | Sex M or F | Possible PB N/A

Faction Initium Colonist
Occupation N/A
Summary Given the current troubles in the colony, this person has been inspired to pursue a position as a representative of Initium's Council. He/She has taken to actively spreading awareness of colony issues and pushing for changes.
Good For Contributing to changes in life on Initium that could have a significant impact on the course of the game + creating connections by encouraging characters to express opinions and bond over shared ideals.

The Pro-Alliance Activist

Age 20s+ | Sex M or F | Possible PB N/A

Faction Initium Colonist
Occupation N/A (Activist)
Summary This person thinks it would be best for Initium to join the Alliance, and he/she is trying to convince others to agree, based on the possibility of more safety, more resources, colony development, and a general improvement in the quality of life in the colony.
Good For Encouraging characters to express opinions and take sides on the complex issues and potentially stir up trouble due to clashing opinions + interacting with characters who feel strongly about Fringe vs. Alliance issues.

The Shooter

Age 20s+ | Sex M or F | Possible PB N/A

Faction CRV Exodus Colonist
Occupation Soldier: One of the soldiers who works rotating shifts outside the ship to shoot down asteroids and engage in possible (though unlikely) combat with hostiles.
Summary This person rotates, along with 24 other soldiers, through three two-hour shifts a day (each spaced two hours or more apart) protecting the ship. It's a fun, if sometimes stressful, job.
Good For Interacting with crew members and military personnel on the Exodus + getting in on potential action.

The Smitten Waitress

Age 20s+ | Sex F | Possible PB Ginnifer Goodwin

Faction Initium Colonist
Occupation Waitress/Delivery at Joe’s
Summary This young woman became smitten with one of the ARF scientists not long after the Alliance left Initium. He frequently ordered lunch at Joe’s from work, and she became friends and joked with him when she delivered the meals. Now that he has gone underground, she greatly misses him, and risks a lot to sometimes bring supplies to him and the other scientists.

The Sweethearted Optimist

Age Late teens-20s | Sex F | Possible PB Stacy King (Dupree)

Faction Initium Colonist (Visiting Ally)
Occupation None (student).
Summary This young woman believes wholeheartedly in the Alliance's message, hoping for a unified Nu System that won't suffer the same fate as Earth. An adventurous sort, she's taking the entirety of 2412 off from her usual routine to travel around the system and experience planets and cultures she has never seen before. Despite all the warnings and advice she has received, she has made the choice to go from Corwin to Initium and has just landed for her first experience with a Fringe colony. This might suggest that she's a bit unintelligent, but that definitely isn't the case. She's a smart and thoughtful person, but one might argue that she's too optimistic.
Good For Highlighting the gray area in the Fringe vs. Alliance conflict + interacting with strong pro-Fringe characters.

The Pilot

Age 30s+ | Sex F | Possible PB N/A

Faction CRV Exodus Crewmember
Occupation Navigations: Helmsman
Summary A practiced pilot, this is one of the many helmsmen that keep the ship on course. Although she is excited for what the future might hold, her plans are to actually return to Corwin and her family when this mission is over... that is, if the Alliance doesn't make a big ugly mess of it.
Good For Interacting with crew on board the Exodus + potentially getting involved in some trouble should things take a turn for the worst.

The High Roller

Age 20s+ | Sex M | Possible PB N/A

Faction CRV Exodus Colonist
Occupation N/A (Ticket-Buyer)
Summary An entrepreneur, he's made a fortune for himself at a remarkably young age. After hearing reports of untapped resources on the new planet, and possessing a strong sense of adventure, he and his crew (who are workers on the ship) are racing across the universe to get to the potential riches first. Easily bored, he spends most of his time on the ship getting into places he shouldn't be and annoying other people who are just trying to get their work done.
Good For Clashing with Exodus crew + contributing to tensions due to workloads, social class, and limited resources.

Marcus Caine
 Posted: Mar 11 2012, 03:59 PM



Posts: 199

Played by: Dun

Adoptable Characters
Thanks for pickin' up these cool characters!

Associated Characters: Kurt Highway and Rick Highway
Exodus Colonist
Olivia Wilde
Age: 23
Occupation: Communications Officer
Suggested PB: Olivia Wilde

Kurt's ex-girlfriend >> They used to be very serious, might've been 'the one' before she abruptly left him while they were in military school on Corwin. She's likely to have majored in Communications, being a naturally social and flirty person. She has problems committing especially with Kurt whether it be because of insecurities or other general fears about being with someone for the rest of their life. She's very passionate though sometimes gets caught up in thinking with her heart instead of her brain, despite being very intelligent. Has a fascination with turtles, likely because of how easy it is for them to just withdraw from whatever the problem is and just hide. Came to the CRV as an Officer (probably communications) from the Corwin military school Kurt and Rick went to. She may be seeking to rekindle with Kurt?

Added by Josh.
Associated Characters: Victor Cage (friend, partner)
Initium Colonist
Cobie Smulders
Age: Late 20s-30s
Occupation: Police Officer (Initium)

Friend of Victor Cage >> Kylie came to Initium with the other cops sent over from Corwin while the Allies were on Initium. She can usually be tough on the job but is an absolute sweetheart and arguably too soft otherwise. She tries to be one of the guys and feels a constant need to prove herself. Thankfully, she also has a sense of humor.

Added by Dun.
Associated Characters: Hannah Archer (daughter), Michael Archer (husband), Ryan Archer (son), etc.
Diane Lane
Age: 45
Occupation: Bartender/Waitress at Clancy's

Wife of Michael Archer and mother of Ryan and Hannah Archer >> Incredibly loving mother and wife but a stoic constant in the Archer family wherever business is concerned. She seems to have come to accept the Archer way of life, which often leaves her alone and worrying about her family's safety. As soon as a job's done, she welcomes her family home with open arms. Timid, weak, and helpless aren't words that could accurately describe her, though.

Added by Dun.
Associated Characters: Lincoln MacRain, Balder Kiley (deceased)
Idris Elba
Age: 30s
Occupation: Investigator (No necessarily military, but he can be, if you want)
Possible PB: Idris Elba

Was investigating Balder Kiley and Lincoln MacRain, and then they vanished (or so they liked to think). He tracked them to Initium, though he arrived after the Alliance occupation. He flashed a badge (so to speak) and they let him land. Does he have anything to do with the death of Balder Kiley? Hmm... That wouldn't exactly jive with his Good Guy schtick. He is very serious about his morals, and takes justice seriously. There's more! Contact Jeff for the info. If you want to change any of this (even gender), just let me know! I'm flexible.

Added by Jeff.
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