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The Force
 Posted: Apr 10 2012, 02:10 PM



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Rebellion's End

The Rebellion has lasted for the better part of two and a half decades now. Rebels and Imperials alike are growing weary of fighting a never ending war which produces nothing more than a larger death toll on both sides of the field. There are those who, still choose to fight in hopes of gaining something greater or those who defend themselves in the name of freedom, but for many they dream of peace. This peace they dream about, may not be so far off.

Emperor Skywalker has called for a few select members of the Empire and Rebel Alliance to meet, in addition to the requested presence of his sister, to meet upon a neutral world to discuss the end of the war and usher in a new era in the galaxy. However, the sith have learned of these peace talks and do not care for the direction in which this empire and sith order under the direction of Skywalker are heading, and as such a division in the sith order has occurred, unbeknownst to Skywalker. If the peace talks are successful, it is likely that many in the sith order will break away from the Empire and Sith Order and form their own order of the sith.

Times are changing for the galaxy, one such as Luke Skywalker knows this, for he has seen the future, and a new enemy is coming to the galaxy, one which must be stopped at any cost. The time for the end of the rebellion is at hand, and a galactic unity must follow these dark times of war.

Whose side will you choose in this fight for power? Will you side with the Rebel Alliance, who are fighting to bring down the Empire? Will you fight as an Imperial, to keep peace in the galaxy? Or will you not take sides, and join the ranks of other organizations who are out for their own benefit?

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